The Ingredients In eLiquid

E-cigarettes has been very popular nowadays. Over these past few years, its share in the market has grown unstoppable and it seems to continue to do so.The market is now evolving and it gives some twist among electronic cigarettes and the traditional one.

E-cigarettes usually work with a substance called eliquid. The e-liquid is what make vaping complete. What comprises  this substance? Basically, eliquid contains numerous elements. Some may have higher concentration while some might not be even noticed. On the other hand, there are three major components of an e-juice namely propylene glycol, glycerine, and water. These three needs to be combined together. You can also choose whether you are to put nicotine or not into the solution. However, if you are having issues with your health, then I suggest to remove the nicotine content totally.

How E-liquid Become a Smoke?

Vaping is different from smoking itself. While these two might have the same principles, vaping is considered to be safer and better for your health. This is especially true when there is no nicotine substance into the e-juice. How does e-juice turn into a smoke? Well, as what we have said, vaping is not smoking. The smoke-like product of the e-liquid is actually a vapor coming from the boiling liquid inside the vape. That vapor is then inhaled by the user. Vapor is easily absorbed by the air and therefore reducing second and third-hand smoke.

If you cannot make your own solution, you can try buying from an accredited store. Moreover, you can also order from online stores as well. E-juice can be availed in different flavors, too. Aside from making you quit smoking, it can also reduce potential negative effects brought by traditional smoking. So, if you wish to have healthy and longer life, switch to vaping now.