What Sets International Schools In Singapore Apart From Local Ones?

Many are thinking that international institutions are different from local ones. That is true but that’s not all you have t know! What differentiate these international schools Singapore to local-based institutions, really? Let us see then.

  1. International schools are accredited by international bodies. All international schools started as a local-based one and had strived harder in order to be noticed by international bodies. They do so in order to attract more students. The more the accreditation they get, the more they earn the trust of the community. Being called “international” does not always mean that their students are from abroad. The name is just to clarify the public that the school has the capability to provide education just like other institutions abroad.
  2. International schools are operated privately. There is no state-governed international schools (though there are public schools that are accredited with international standards). Most of the time, these private schools need such accreditation very much for their interests. The same is true to all international schools Singapore and other countries.
  3. Better facilities. Yes, international schools have better facilities compared to local ones. That is one of the factors being looked for by the accreditors. Indeed, being enrolled in such an institution with high quality facilities ensures you that studying can be real fun.

GEMS is one of such schools in SG. Granted these things are true, no doubt studying in such a well-equipped school will yield productive individuals that this world needs. Brilliant minds are waiting to be delivered to the world by such an institution. Though, there are only a few differences against local schools, no doubt they provide more competitive graduates. You can visit their website to check more about their prerequisites before enrollment. Transferees are also allowed even exchange students.