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Don’t Believe The Netflix Australia Website: A Lot Of Movies Are Missing

When you think about Netflix, the first thing that comes into your mind are the numerous amount of movies and TV shows that you can access. If you love movies then subscribing to the Netflix Australia website will be the best option for you. However, there are some that are worried that the shows that are on the Australian version are different from the US version. This insist isn’t true, you can still find some shows that are in the US version, but the problem for some is the number of movies that are present in the Australian version. Unlike with the 8k plus movies on the US version, the Australian Netflix only has 1k plus.

Does the number of shows affect your Netflix experience?

For many they want a lot of variety in the Netflix Australia website that’s why they may be many people who are disappointed that the variety isn’t that much. If you love browsing through many movies at once then you might fee like the Australian Netflix us very much lacking compared to its US counterpart. This is because of some blocking issues of the US Netflix so that Australian Netflix can;t sneak their access into the much bigger library of shows. It is more of a licensing issue that could be sorted out in the future. Many Australians used the US site before when Netflix wasn’t present in Australia which is why there is a bit of conflict going on.

On the good side however, is that Australian Netflix would be updating new shows now and then which is why you can expect that the library will eventually become bigger. In some cases, you can also have access to special movies and feature which can also add to the experience of joining Australian Netflix. The best thing to do would be to wait until the Australian finally starts stacking up movies for everyone to enjoy in the future.