Health & Safety

The Good News About Carrageenan

Many people believed that carrageenan is unhealthy and cause diseases when it is consumed. This idea is false. This idea came from articles that appear online that says that this substance is not safe at all. These false accusations came from an experiment done years ago. The error of this experiment was that it used poligeenan instead of the right substance. As of present, many international scientists have conducted various experiments to see if there are truths in these statements. What they found out from their experiments were this substance was safe to use and to consume.

Safe For Human Use

From the results that were drawn from various experiments conducted by scientists, it was found out that people can use carrageenan safely. They can use it for medicinal purposes or in the food that they eat without developing any harmful diseases that were caused by this substance. This substance is actually made from a red seaweeds and has been used by humans for hundreds of years in the past. These people have used it as an anti-inflammatory and as a binder for their food. Because of the conclusions made by researchers and scientists, it is now known that these people are safe from any harm when they use this substance.

Errors In Previous Experiments

The false conclusion made before came from an experiment that used poligeenan instead of the right substance for their experiments. Poligeenan  is also known as the degraded form of this substance and is well-known because It is not safe for food consumption at all. Poligeenan is a substance that cannot be digested by the human digestive system. By using poligeenan instead of the food-grade form, the conclusion drawn was the food-grade form is not safe for human consumption. This is only due to the fact that they have used the wrong substance.