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How Today’s Best Turntable Is Different Than A 1970s Model

When it comes to the turntable community, there are debates whether the old turntable is superior to the modern types. In fact, there are a number of points which are most cited by the pro modern turntable community against, the individuals who believe that the old turntable is better than the new ones.

Fact 1

The old turntable is cheaper rather than the modern ones. It is because of the fact that modern ones got additional features and modifications. Unlike the old ones which are made from plastic. Moreover, old turntables can go outrageously low when it comes to the price and some would even donate it. If you are going to buy a pricey turntable, keep in mind that it will be more complicated because of its features but not live up to the legend.

Fact 2

The choice of the best turntable will depend on your personal taste. A good example would be the P9 and the LP-12 turntables which are known as the top of the line during their era. Yet again, both have their own distinctive function. If you are going to make consideration based on the reports or review about old turntables, of course, the modern turntables will make the old ones obsolete.

Fact 3

The old turntable can cost a little while having the best quality sound. But for the modern ones which are made from plastic, this can affect the sound and the lifespan of its service. When vinyl was introduced to the market, there were competitions when it comes to the quality of sounds. Today, there are fewer turntables in the market that produce quality sounds since they focus more on the effects.

Fact 4

New turntables are indeed more convenient than the old ones. In case of repairs, old turntables will make your life complicated rather than the modern ones. Old turntables were the best turntable during their time, but these old pieces of stuff are just getting older.